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We are all saddened by the loss of Don Praisner coming so soon after Marilyn's death. It is disheartening to think of facing yet another campaign - but we must.

     I had known Mrs. Praisner since the beginning of my civic involvement in the early to mid 1980s.  Marilyn as she liked to be called, worked tirelessly with residents throughout the County to forge good, solid County policy and legislation.  She was always totally prepared on the subjects and always thoughtful about all sides of an issue.  Most of all, she was dedicated to residents of the county in the way reminiscent of Betty Ann Kranke and Ida Mae Garrott, staying above the politics of special interests.

     Marilyn worked with me on many initiatives throughout my years of activism.  We worked to create the first affordable housing MPDUís in Leisure World. She nominated me to sit on the Norbeck/198 widening Focus group and the Norbeck and Georgia Ave interchange focus group both conducted by The State Highway administration. She worked with me throughout my years on the Mid-County Advisory Board and as President of the Montgomery County Civic Federation. I always knew where I stood with Marilyn Praisner.  And I always felt I could count on her to listen, review and act on whatever was of Concern, whether it was the Glenmont Sector Plan, the widening of Norbeck Road the ICC, or affordable housing, or education.

       To me, Marilyn was someone I both admired and respected.  She was a friend.  There are few County Council members in my recollection that had the humility, integrity and genuine desire to work on behalf of county residents.  Marilynís guiding principle was not the politics of special interests but rather a sincere desire to improve the quality of life for her constituents.  There is not another person on this Council that has the historical memory, the insight and ability to garner community cooperation and support on many significant concerns that we now face.

     This is why last year, I stepped down from the special election and supported and worked to get Don Praisner elected so that he could carry-on the dream, Marilyn's dream, of Good Government, Constituent service, fiscal responsibility and a managed growth with adequate infrastructure so that our quality of life would not further erode here in Montgomery County Maryland.

      I have been asked by many people to carry on this mission and to defend District 4 from special interest influence and control. I have decided to enter the Special Election to win Dons seat on the County Council. I hope to carry on the commitment and dedication that my friends Marilyn and Don Praisner had.   I pray the dream survives.  


 2006 Gazette Voters Guide

Because you deserve more

Our work has just begun.  I have dedicated myself to improving the quality of life in Montgomery County.  The Council has adopted a new growth policy, but itís only a beginning.  We can do better.  We must continue and adopt a managed measurable and quantitative growth policy in order to catch up with infrastructure demands.

We must improve roads;

            Norbeck Road and Route (198)-Widened east of Georgia Ave.

            Grade separated intersections at Norbeck Road /Georgia Avenue, and

           Randolph Road /Georgia Avenue

We must promote transit projects;

            Purple Line                                                                                        

            Corridor City Transit-way                                                                            

            Expand Metro and MARC service

            Improve Bus Service

It is our responsibility to protect the environment;

    We are stewards of the land and should protect it as a valuable resource for future generations.

We must be vigilant and work to protect the sensitive stream headwaters, such as the Upper Paint Branch and the Upper Rock Creek stream valleys,  as well as the Northwest Branch stream valley.

    I support the agriculture reserve from the intrusion of significant unplanned development.  The agricultural reserve acts not only as a legacy of our Montgomery County farm heritage, but also acts as the filtration system that protects us from the deleterious effects of air pollution. The Washington area region has been designated as a non attainment area with respect to air quality. We are considering a new Carbon Footprint Policy. I support improving Environment regulations and creating continuity among all adopted County Policies.  Our residents deserve better.

    We must do more in the area of storm water mitigation.  The run off from much of the development we have experienced in recent years has created severe degradation to both the Potomac river, the Anacostia and the Chesapeake Bay. The quality of our drinking water is being threatened. This is a regional problem and we must work together with adjoining jurisdictions to find innovative ways to protect these waterways from the severe sedimentation and the pollutions they have been experiencing.


The ICC and its associated community impacts ;

     The State impact study for the ICC fell short with respect to both community impacts and environmental protection.  It is my opinion that the Impact Study was flawed on several aspects and had no strategic plan for the implementation of the construction and the temporary termination of such a project on already overburdened and failing Norbeck Road.  I am concerned with the temporary terminus along Norbeck Road and its lack of safety planning for those living along this failing two-lane road and its associated traffic back-ups during peak hours. I am also concerned with the funding mechanism, and proposed mitigation efforts of our water quality and most especially the air quality and noise impact to the adjacent communities. 

National scholars with respect to the environment are speaking out on the flawed study that was done on the ICC. I believe we must be diligent, speak out and force the State to adhere to the National Standards on air, water and noise abatement techniques and measures.


 Affordable housing;

It is time to protect existing affordable housing stock and provide innovative and new ideas.

            Community Land Trust Concept

            Eliminate MPDU buy-outs

We must fight for our share of state educated funding;

  Our kids deserve better.

There must be transparency in government and Citizens must be included in the decision making process. Open Meetings with community participation when possible.

Marilyn Praisner was a fiscal conservative.  This year our County will face a deficit " shortage" of 500 million dollars. 

      We must be fiscally prudent, do a thorough performance analysis of the County budget. 

     This Council may be asked  to breach Charter Limits because of poor decisions in the past.

I say HOLD THE LINE ON HIGHER TAXES. Homeowners will already be paying more property tax for homes that are worth less because of our declining economy. I will not vote this year to increase taxes beyond that in the Charter.

Rebuild confidence of our zoning codes. Citizens should once again feel confident in the stability and the character of their neighborhoods.
Work with citizens giving them back their voice in Government.
Fix the Adequate Public Facilities Policy ( Transportation and Schools) continue the work started on the Policy Area Review where developers pay for their necessary infrastructure.
Protect the environment for future generations.
Take special interests funding out of the decision making process. 
Remove conflict of interests from government. 
Identify, target and address needs for affordable housing, working with communities to finding solutions.
Government has a responsibility to provide adequate mental health services, including adequately funded addiction relief programs. Pay in the front end so families don't have to suffer with lifelong negative consequences.




Cary Lamari accepting the Star Cup From Ike Leggett     Governor  Martin O'Malley with Cary at Leisure World


Working for you

∑   Born in Washington D.C. lifelong resident of Montgomery County, Grew up in Wheaton currently live in Aspen Hill Md
∑   Graduated Our Lady of Good Counsel 1975
∑   Columbia Technical Institute Electrical Training
∑   Owner of Cary Electric Company since 1980
∑   Married since 1981 with 2 children attended the Montgomery County Public School System
∑   Holder of Real Estate License (currently inactive)
∑   Developed several projects, rezoning, and subdivisions Montgomery County During the 80s and 90s
∑   Licensed Master Electrician Montgomery County and other Jurisdictions since 1979
∑   Vice President of Norbeck Citizens Association 1996-2000
∑   Recipient Special Presidents Award from Greater Olney Civic Association 2000
∑   Current President of Norbeck Citizens Association 2000-present
∑   Two Term Volunteer service with Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board working with communities as chair of the 
    Capital Projects and Land Use Zoning Committees.
∑   Participated in developing the Aspen Hill Master Plan
∑   Monitored the Glenmont Sector Plan and Sandy Spring Master Plan
∑   Monitored the Sandy Springs/ East County Master Plan
∑   Monitored the Potomac Sub region Master Plan
∑   Participated in the Olney Master Plan
∑   Good working understanding of the agencies and policies of Montgomery County and their interrelationship with: 
    master plans, comprehensive water and sewer planning policies, Chapter 50 subdivision requirements, and Chapter 59 zoning ordinance.
∑   Member of Civic Federation. Former District 5 Vice President
∑   Former Civic Fed 2nd Vice President
∑   Former Civic Fed 1st Vice President
∑   Montgomery County Civic Federation President2002-2004
∑   Led the effort to bring Community based Representation to increase number of Council Districts known as Question C
∑   Co-organized Public Forum on Issues related to Mental Health to educate public and raise awareness, led to formation of the Councils 
    Blue Ribbon commission on Mental Health
∑   Recipient of the Star Cup most prestigious award the Civic Federation has to offer: For Outstanding Public Service




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15411 Baileys Lane
        Silver Spring Md.
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General Information: calamari@carylamari.net

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By Authority:  People for Cary Lamari; Bob Abrams, Chairman; Quon Kwan, Treasurer.

15411 Baileys Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland  20906; Telephone No. 301-924-2746