Cary Lamari is running for the Montgomery County Council District 5 to work on your behalf to carry out initiatives and improve the effectiveness of government. Support initiatives to deal with climate change, educational opportunities, fight for public safety for our friends, neighbors but especially for our families. To preserve and create affordable housing, improve transportation, and bring good jobs for our residents. Your contribution is critical to supporting our vision and to give you back your voice in government. Thank You



 Democrat for Montgomery County Council District 5


Montgomery County, Maryland has been my home for over 65 years. I love the diverse communities and how we enjoy an urban, suburban and rural lifestyle. As a civic activist for the past 40 years, I fought to protect the livability of Montgomery County. I've worn many hats in our community - husband, father and civic activist. I was a member of the State Highway Administration Advisory Group for the Route 28/198 Improvement Study for almost two decades, and also participated in transit groups to review potential transit options for our residents.  I have been a member of the Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board. I worked my way up to be a former President of the Montgomery County Civic Federation receiving the Star Cup and the Greater Olney Civic Association Presidents Award, for my public service and much more. I am committed to a lifetime of service - for my family, friends and neighbors.

 We have waited for improvements, only to see them pushed back. Today we are told Thrive 2050 is the solution for the lack of jobs, affordable housing and infrastructure (schools, roads and services). The question: Does Thrive 2050 make the substantive changes needed?

 The East County has been neglected. CIP money has been diverted to Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville and Gaithersburg, while residents of the East County are told to wait. This lack of public interest and County Investment leaves our schools in dire need for improvements. Housing has become increasingly more expensive, yet we have the same old solutions for affordable housing. And they do not meet the demands of our residents. Our County needs to do better!

Crime has risen, and our complement of police has dwindled. Today we have half the complement of police most counties our size rely on. And we ask them to do more with less. They continue to adapt and persevere to their situation without the necessary support of the County Council while people who struggle with mental health needs are neglected.
*Residents deserve better*.

I will fight for all this as the District 5 County Councilmember. I worked with Marilyn Praisner for many years during my civic life, but especially during my term as President of the Montgomery County Civic Federation. I shared and remain committed to the same values and vision she had for our residents.  In past attempts to win a seat on the County Council I was endorsed by people like Blair Ewing and Rose Crenca. It is my opinion they had faith in my commitment to the residents of the former District 4 now District 5 and knew I was a fighter.

I believe a councilmember should listen to the residents, they work for you. I feel that constituent service should be their main concern. They should fight for opportunities for their constituents - adequate infrastructure, jobs, as well as educational excellence, and affordable, and at least two years free, higher education or vocational training. We also must protect those in need. We need new approaches to affordable housing like Community Land Trusts, more public investment in affordable housing and restrictions from exceptions to the MPDU laws. And we cannot neglect the needs of seniors. We owe a debt to our senior population and they are today becoming an under-represented voice in our county. We can do better.

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For information on Thrive Montgomery 2050 and the new up-zoning text amendment, please visit Responsible Growth for Montgomery County Facebook Page.

  Key Milestones

  • Viva White Oak Life Science Activity Center: An interesting proposal from LABQUEST, which includes amenities such as Montgomery College, a new middle school, elementary school and ball field. My hope is to facilitate a Vocational Tech Center as part of Montgomery College in the East County.

  • Currently we must convince the Developers of Viva White Oak to support the life sciences business concept and facilitate it ASAP, as there is currently 40 million dollars on hold in the budget and an additional 32 million in tax abatement incentives. We need cooperation to facilitate this needed project for East Montgomery County, so we can fulfill the vision of Marilyn Praisner of "the Town Center walkable community for White Oak and the East County."

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Paid for by Cary Lamari for County Council, Rocky Lopes, Treasurer
Last updated: 06/24/22.