Cary Lamari is running for the Montgomery County Council District 5 to work on your behalf to carry out initiatives and improve the effectiveness of government. Support initiatives to deal with climate change, educational opportunities, fight for public safety for our friends, neighbors but especially for our families. To preserve and create affordable housing, improve transportation, and bring good jobs for our residents. Your contribution is critical to supporting our vision and to give you back your voice in government. Thank You.




I am running a publicly financed campaign. That means that I am accepting donations from individuals, not from businesses, PACs, developers, or lobbyists. 

If I get a minimum of 125 Montgomery County residents to donate to my campaign, and if the total of donations is $10,000 or more by June 4, 2022, then my campaign will be certified as a Publicly Financed Campaign and the qualifying donations will be matched by the Montgomery County public election financing fund. 

Total contributions from any individual can not exceed $250. I appreciate your generosity, no matter how small or how large.

 You may donate using a credit card, Pay Pal, Venmo or check, You also will be presented with the option to contribute to cover the transaction fees charged by PayPal; If contributing electronically, just make sure the total of your contribution (primary donation + transaction fees) does not exceed $250.

Donate electronically here:  



If you wish to donate by check, make a check payable to "Committee to Elect Cary Lamari for County Council" and mail it to my Treasurer:  Rocky Lopes, 14416 Big Bear Court, Silver Spring, MD  20906. Along with the required form below please download and fill out

Campaign finance required donation form to accompany checks


Information you provide with your donation will be held securely and will not be shared with mailing lists, other candidates, or for any other purpose than official campaign finance reporting.



Thank you for your support!









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Last updated: 05/04/22.