Cary Lamari is running for the Montgomery County Council District 5 to work on your behalf to carry out initiatives and improve the effectiveness of government. Support initiatives to deal with climate change, educational opportunities, fight for public safety for our friends, neighbors but especially for our families. To preserve and create affordable housing, improve transportation, and bring good jobs for our residents. Your contribution is critical to supporting our vision and to give you back your voice in government. Thank You



Timeline for Milestones 2022 Election Primary dates of importance
April 13-Northwood Four Corners Resident Forum
May 11-Bethesda Beat Montgomery County Council Forum starting 5:00 PM

May 23-Coalition of East County Citizens Coalition Forum starting 7:00PM
May 30- Podcast with Dr. Jessica Hasson, Election priorities especially public safety and mental health related issues. 10:00 AM.


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07 -
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7th-14th Primary Election Early Voting 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
19 - Election Day


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Paid for by Cary Lamari for County Council, Rocky Lopes, Treasurer
Last updated: 05/11/22.